Score and Snap

The ability to successfully “cut” glass is the foundation upon which all other glass work is built.

In this workshop students will learn how to efficiently score and snap glass with traditional hand tools. At least four different types of glass cutter will be used so that students can determine which type best fits their individual needs. Students will also build confidence in their use of a variety of glass pliers, “taping out” technique, strip cutters and pattern methods. Students will hone their skills on a variety of different glasses so that they will leave the workshop with the confidence to handle any situation that they might encounter. Students will be introduced to the “forbidden cuts” and why they should be avoided in any design. They will also learn to successfully execute the forbidden cuts using only hand tools. The focus of this class is to promote student skill, efficiency and safety in “cutting” glass.

All students, no matter what their level of experience, wishing to participate in any other Klade Werks learning opportunity are required to complete this workshop.

Students must provide their own eye protection. Under NO circumstances will students be allowed access to the studio without eye protection.

Cost: $90
Date: Watch for Next Class Dates
Time: TBA
Limit: 6 students
Registration Deadline: TBA
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